"Az ember halhatatlan lélek, s annak legfőbb széke, az emberi agy jelöli ki a kultúra ösvényét"

Széchenyi István

Diagnostic Tests

In diagnostic neuropathology similar techniques are used for tissue processy and evaluation as in Surgical Pathology.
These include:

1. Gross examination of tissues of the central and peripheral nervous system

2. Preparation of representative tissue sections through tissue fixation, processing, paraffin embedding, and sectioning

3. Use of routine (H&E) and special stains

4. Immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent staining

5. In situ hybridization

6. Cytological evaluation of cerebrospinal or cyst fluid

7. Molecular / genetic testing when clinically indicated

8. Electron microscopy

To perform these studies the excellent laboratory facilities at the Institute of Pathology are used. We offer a wide range of consultation services for referred cases including brain biopsies (both tumours and non-neoplastic diseases), muscle biopsies, autopsy brain and spinal cord examination, forensic neuropathology.
For specific instructions for preparation and submission of cases for consultation contact us at: neuropathologia@med.unideb.hu