"Az ember halhatatlan lélek, s annak legfőbb széke, az emberi agy jelöli ki a kultúra ösvényét"

Széchenyi István

Dear Students,

Five more dates for lecture book signing (Clin Neurosci elective): June 18, July 9th and 24th, September 3rd and 17th (Thursdays), 1:00-1:30pm in my office (Pathology Institute, ground floor, entrance at the corner).

Have a nice Summer,

Tibor Hortobagyi FRCPath, EFN


A key component of our mission is to provide graduate medical education in neuropathology for medical and dentistry students. Another major focus is on postgraduate medical education in neuropathology for trainees in Neuropathology, Pathology, Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry at the University of Debrecen Medical & Health Sciences Centre.

Fellows from other institutions wishing to have training in neuropathology are welcome to do elective rotations. Neuropathology courses are organised by the Department regularly.

We welcome trainees and specialist from other institutions who are interested in obtaining training in neuropathology. Please contact us if you are interested in a visit or elctive at the Department of Neuropathology.


Compulsory Elective Courses for Medical Students

2014/2015 - 2nd Semester

Dear Students,

The 'Fundamental Clinical Neuroscience' compulsory elective course will run from February 19th to May 14th (the MCQ exam date). I encourage everybody to sign up who is interested in the nervous system and its diseases, and would like to have a solid basis for the clinical neuroscience subjects like neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, neuroradiology. There will be an emphasis on the pathological aspects of diseases in a clinico-pathological context illustrated with case presentations, slide seminars and brain cuts. It was a popular course last year with appr. 200 participants.

Find below a summary of the key features of the course, which will be available and regularly updated on the website (also accessible through the website of the Pathology Institute).

With best regards,

Tibor Hortobagyi FRCPath
Assoc. Professor, Head of Division of Neuropathology

  • Fundamental Clinical Neuroscience (AOG458606)
  • Aims: To teach the molecular and morphological aspects of clinical neurosciences and to provide a solid basis for the clinical studies and medical practice. To refresh the relevant knowledge acquired at the pre-clinical studies (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry) in a clinico-pathological context.

  • Curriculum:
  • week 1: Basic reactions in the nervous system

    week 2: Cerebrovascular diseases

    week 3: Trauma and Demyelinating diseases

    week 4: Dementias

    week 5: Movement disorders

    week 6: Neuromuscular diseases

    week 7: Other neuro-psychiatric diseases

    week 8: Other neuro-psychiatric diseases

    The convenient times for Practicals (including brain cut), and Seminars (slide seminar, clinicopathological case discussion) will be specified at the beginning of the course. Students will be able to choose from the available dates which will include weekdays and Saturday mornings (optional).

    Lecture dates: February 19, 26; March 19; April 9, 16, 23; May 7, 14 (Thursdays)

    Time: 17.00

    Location: Theoretical Building, Lecture Theatre

  • Suggested reading: Selected research papers (to be specified during the course)
  • Exam: multiple choice questions (MCQs) - May 14 (and on selected days during the exam period)