"Az ember halhatatlan lélek, s annak legfőbb széke, az emberi agy jelöli ki a kultúra ösvényét"

Széchenyi István

Neuropathology Research Group

Members of the Department of Neuropathology participate in translational research in adult
and paediatric brain tumours, neurodegeneration, neuromuscular disease, as well as basic
research in cell death and regeneration of the nervous system.

There is close link and collaboration with the Neuropathology Laboratory & Brain Bank
of the Neurology Department and the Brain Tumour tissue repository at the Department of

Neuropathology Research Group


  • 1. The pathomechanism of abnormal protein aggregate formation in neurodegenerative disorders
  • 2. DNS repair mechanisms in neurological diseases
  • 3. Signal transductions pathways in brain tumours of glial origin
  • 4. The mechanism of cell death in haemorrhagic stroke
  • 5. Interactions of vascular and parenchymal factors int he pathogenesis of neurological disorders
  • 6. Clinico-pathological correlations in diseases with cognitive impairement